FAQ - Sky Lantern Events
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are they Biodegradable and Eco Friendly?

  • Yes, our lanterns are 100% Bio Degradable and Eco Friendly!

Eco-Friendly vs. Standard Sky Lanterns

  • The majority of manufacture’s use asbestos based chemicals to hold the fuel cell in place because it is cheaper to manufacture.  Also, the majority of manufactures use metal wires to construct their lanterns.  Our lanterns use no asbestos products; only use bamboo for structural support, and a non-wax fuel cell, which make our lanterns 100% Biodegradable.

How far will they travel?

  • This depends entirely on the wind.  On VERY calm days you can light them and the lanterns will come back down within 50 feet of where you are standing.  But if there are winds then the lantern will travel at the same velocity and direction as the wind for the duration that it is airborne.

How high will they go?

  • They typically reach about 3,000 feet high and can reach heights of 5,000 feet in cold environments.

How long do they stay lit for?

  • The Fuel cells stay light for 8-10 minutes depending on atmospheric conditions

Are they a fire hazard or risk?

  • Anything that has fire or has to do with fire can be considered hazardous.  They only become a risk if they are lit off in unappreciated places or in unappreciated wind conditions.

How long does it take for them to disintegrate after flight?

  • The rice paper will completely dissolve after it gets wet in a matter of days.  All that remains after that is the bamboo ring and a string, which are both, made of 100 % organic material.

What if my venue is near an airport?

  • If your venue is near an 10 mile radius within an airport then we contact the relevant authorities and notify them of the event.


If you have additional questions that are not listed this page, please fill out the form on our contact page and we will try to contact you within the same business day.

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